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Sugar cane juice extractor

This machine is made of high quality materials and components and allows to extract the juice from the sugar cane.We have several models with several options (manual, automatic, electric or motor). Ideal for shopping centers, bars, snack bars, kiosks, supermarkets, … Read More

Coconut Crusher

Improve your production capacity with our Coconut Crusher. You can include green or dried coconut, or coconut straw. This machine facilitates the production of ground straw, compost and coconut fiber. Its rotor system is equipped with thin blades and sharp, powerful hammers and combs, to ensure a result that meets … Read More

West Africa: Agro-economic Profile

Agro-economic panorama of West Africa The agro-industrial model is changing, requiring further reflection by industry players. Advances in technology and innovation are critical to the future of agriculture, agro-industry struggling to feed a growing population in a context of climate … Read More


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